What To Do In Tanna

Travelers from all over the world visit Tanna primarily to climb the Mount Yasur volcano and experience the strong pacific islander and ancient cultures of the island. Friendly Beach offers a range of tours that we can book before you even arrive!



Arrive at the dramatic moonscape of the ash plains and stop to take photos of the impressive Mount Yasur or walk to the ash base. We take a short walk over the river bed and rock formations with our guide to the secret entrance to a cave from Vanuatu’s ancient times and tribal past.

Your guide will take you into a small man made historical cave from these ancient times and previously unavailable for anyone to see.

We then continue around the foot of the Mount Yasur volcano onwards to Port Resolution where Captain Cook landed in 1774 with his ship the HMS Resolution.

Here we visit hot springs and hot steam, and take time to enjoy your simple picnic lunch (provided by Friendly Beach) or cooked lunch (provided locally) at Port Resolution



The Jon Frum village is home to the followers of this pacific cargo cult, and worshippers of the mythical Jon Frum. They believe that one day he will return to them, bringing with him everything they need.

It is said that during the Second World War a man known as Jon Frum visited some elders, promising to return with supplies. Since that day the Cult has been formed and they are awaiting his return. Jon Frum Day is celebrated on 15th February every year.



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Located only 3.5 km from Friendly Bungalows, the hot springs are located near to the Jon Frum village and follow the path of a wide meandering river until it reaches the sea.

At Sulphur Bay, the fresh water bubbling out from Mother Earth is thermally heated by the volcano, and it’s varying degrees of heat allows it to be used by the villagers for washing and cooking. The view of this wide valley reaching out to the sea amidst volcanic ridges is spectacular in itself.